Metallic Drums


ISO Tanks


Polyols are used as the basis for the production of polyurethane foams produced by mixing them with isocyanate.  Confortchem distributes several grades of polyol under our trademark Confort®.  These Confort® polyols are available in several package options directly from major producers as well as from our tanks in Europe:

– Metallic drums
– Iso tanks
– Flexitank: The ideal alternative for a safe and secure packaging in bulk deliveries, for a one-time use.
– Bulk deliveries

Confort® P
Medium molecular weight polymer polyether polyols, BHT free, designed for the production of flexible polyurethane slabstock foams used to produce low to high density foams.

  • Confort ® P0010 (10% solids)
  • Confort ® P0015 (15% solids)
  • Confort ® P0025 (25% solids)
  • Confort ® P0040 (40% solids)

Confort® C
Trifunctional polyether polyols used in the production of flexible slabstock foam in continuous or discontinuous systems. They can be used in production of both soft and high load bearing foams.

  • Confort ® C3000
  • Confort ® C3500

Polyols for other applications
Confortchem also offers their customers a range of special polyols. Those special polyols are used for the manufacture of Viscoelastic, High Resilience and Supersoft Foams.

The ideal alternative for a safe and secure packaging in bulk deliveries, for one-time use.

Confortchem also has his own blending facilities in Europe.

TDI (Toluene Di-Isocyanate)

TDI is an organic compound whose reaction with polyol will form the polyurethane foam through polymerization.  

TDI distributed by Confortchem is in conformity with technical standards and quality established and used by the main world producers and follows ISOPA guidelines and environmental safety standards.

MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate)